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Membership in the American Shorthorn Association provides many benefits and services to its members. First of all, its members are a network of beef cattle breeders, feeders, promoters, advocates and consumers. They all have a common goal of producing an economical beef product that is nutritious, healthful and an important staple in the public’s diets. The activities of the Association serve to enhance these aspects of each member’s lives.

The Association serves as the repository of the ancestral records of the Shorthorn breed serving its membership in the maintenance of these records. The association also establishes programs to promote the breed and process and summarize performance records.

Membership allows members to have registrations, transfers and other transactions associated with the ownership of Shorthorn cattle to be done at reduced fees. Members also have the privilege of electing delegates to represent their interests for the benefit and advancement of the breed. These delegates elect a Board of Directors who in turn have responsibilities for hiring an Executive/Secretary and other staff members to function in the daily operation of the Association.

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