Genomic Enhanced EPDS: Coming this March

The first genetic evaluation to include genomically-enhanced EPDs is slated for this month.

  1. Traits evaluated include Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight and Carcass Weight
    1. For the March evaluation, EPDs will be calculated using the usual software, then genomic information is incorporated into the evaluation after it is run.
    2. Known as “two-step” or “blended” genomically-enhanced EPDs.
      1. Breeds that currently have genomically enhanced EPDs are using this method.
      2. The blended method impacts the animals who have been DNA tested.
      3. The EPDs for these traits WILL be comparable to other IGS breeds, as they were calculated through the same system, then the Shorthorn genomic information was added.
    3. In the future, we will be moving to newer technology (single step method)
      1. BOLT software
      2. Will combine pedigree, phenotypic data, and genomic information into the genetic evaluation simultaneously
      3. Single step genomically enhanced EPDs not only impact the animal that has been DNA tested, but also related animals.
  2. The goal at IGS is to introduce single-step genomically enhanced EPDs for growth traits first, followed by carcass traits and maternal traits.
  3. The new Stayability EPD will be calculated using single-step methods.

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