DNA Policy as of May 1, 2017

GeneSeek lab is the designated Lab for the ASA. However, AgriGenomics lab may be used as an alternative for testing Shorthorn genetic conditions only.

Testing results will only be accepted for the ASA registry from these 2 labs. A completed and signed order form must accompany the DNA samples submitted in order for testing results to be eligible for entry into the ASA registry. The ASA re-negotiated to reduce the bundle price for TH, PHA and DS with GeneSeek, and is now competitive with AgriGenomics. However, GeneSeek is unable to match the turnaround time for the 3 genetic condition tests.

Therefore, AgriGenomics may be used as an alternative lab only for genetic condition testing; this gives breeders an option when in need of a faster turnaround time. AgriGenomics is an alternative option for the ASA for testing the 3 genetic conditions, TH, PHA, and DS only. AGRIGENOMICS IS NOT CAPABLE OF DOING ANY PARENTAGE OR GENOMIC TESTS. The Shorthorn order form on the AgriGenomics website must be signed and completed when sending in samples. Test results will be sent by the lab to the ASA for entry into the registry. The ASA will charge a $3.00 fee per head to the breeder in order to manually enter AgriGenomics test results in the registry.

Anyone needing AI Sire and/or Donor Dam qualifications (parentage plus TH, PHA, and DS) will need to send their DNA to the ASA office with a completed and signed ASA order form. There is a special price for this package. GeneSeek lab test results are sent to the ASA in a compatible downloadable format therefore there is no additional fee for entering the test results from GeneSeek in the registry. All other tests, including Genomic testing must be sent to the ASA office for testing at the GeneSeek lab. (ASA DNA order form for GeneSeek lab and explanation of tests can be found on the ASA webpage under Forms, select DNA then DNA Genetic Testing.)

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