2019-20′ ASA Shows


ASA National and Regional Shows for 2019-2020.

Show season April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020

5 National Shows

  • North American Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY
  • National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO
  • Keystone International Livestock Exposition, Harrisburg, PA
  • American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, MO
  • Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Fort Worth, TX
Region 1: Northeast

Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia

Region 1: Northeast Regional Shows

  • Super Regional… State Fair of West Virginia
  • Regional ……….. Indiana State Fair
  • Regional ………..Ohio State Fair


Region 2: Southeast

Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi

Region 2: Southeast Regional Shows

  • Super Regional…Kentucky State Fair
  • Regional ………. Dixie National*
  • Regional ………. Appalachian Fair


Region 3: North Central

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska

Region 3: North Central Regional Shows

  • Super Regional…..Illinois State Fair
  • Regional …… Iowa State Fair*
  • Regional …….…Minnesota State Fair


Region 4: South Central

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana

Region 4: South Central Regional Shows

  • Super Regional…Tulsa State Fair
  • Regional ………..Kansas State Fair
  • Regional ………..Tri-State Fair


Region 5: West

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California

Region 5: West Regional Shows

  • Super Regional… California State Fair
  • Regional ………… Washington State Fair
  • Regional ……….. Western Idaho State Fair

*TBD means we have not received official acceptance from a show.


Point Distributions

Regional Shows

1st:             5 points

2nd:            4 points

3rd:             3 points

4th:             2 points

5th:             1 point

Division Champion:   4 points

Reserve Division Champion:     2 points

Grand Champion:    7 points

Reserve Grand Champion:   5 points


Super Regional Shows

1st:             6 points

2nd:            5 points

3rd:             4 points

4th:             3 points

5th:             2 points

Division Champion:   5 points

Reserve Division Champion:      3 points

Grand Champion:    9 points

Reserve Grand Champion:     7 points


5 National Shows

1st:             8 points

2nd:            7 points

3rd:             6 points

4th:             5 points

5th:             4 points

Division Champion:       7 points

Reserve Division Champion:    5 points

Grand Champion:       11 points

Reserve Grand Champion:         9 points



Rules for Senior Membership Show Committee

1. The ASA Board of Directors appoints the Shorthorn Senior Membership Show Committee Chair and Vice Chair. This committee will be comprised of 10 total Committee Members as described in 1 through 8.

2. 3 Committee seats will be reserved and filled by exhibitors that show the most individual animals at Louisville and Denver combined. These three seats on the Committee are for a 2-year term with no term limits. (Exhibitors defined as total number of animals in string exhibited under one farm name or senior membership as a full show string taken to show by exhibitor and is an ASA paid Member)

3. Elect 5 Committee members from all other exhibitors that had more than 2 head exhibited at Louisville or Denver.  (Use same Exhibitor definition as described in Number 2.) These elected Committee Members will serve a 2 year term. Elected Committee Members can only serve for 2 consecutive terms. Eligible Committee Members must set out for one term after serving 2 consecutive terms before being eligible for reelection to the committee.

4. The election and 3 reserved committee seats will take place every 2 years in February right after the Denver Show. The eligibility for Committee Members will be based on the numbers and participation during that previous show year in Louisville and Denver.

5. Only senior and/or adult paid members of the ASA are eligible to vote for Show Committee Members. (If the total number of cattle from a family is in a junior name than the adult membership associated with that junior would be added up together for total head count of show string from family or adult membership)

6. There will be 9 Committee Members including the Vice Chair with voting rights.  Any tie votes will be broken by the Committee Chair.

7. The Chair and Vice Chair have control on how voting will take place

8. This Committee is formed to make recommendations to the ASA Board pertaining to activities that involve all Shorthorn ASA sponsored shows.