Shorthorn exhibitors gathered in Kansas City, Mo., on October 22 for the American Royal National Shorthorn Show.

Cattle and exhibitors experienced a long day of showing due to an exponential growth in number of head exhibited for the National Shorthorn Show. In 2019, a total of 128 cattle were exhibited in the junior and open Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus shows. This year, the Shorthorn breed more than doubled total for all the shows with 272 cattle shown.
The junior Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus shows were judged by Chris Cassady of Iowa.

“I think for me personally it is cool to be asked to judge Shorthorn shows because it goes back to my roots,” Cassady said. “As a young kid I showed many Shorthorns. It is how I got started. I enjoy looking at these cattle. I don’t care if they are red, roan or white. The good ones are good.”
 The open shows were judged by Scott Werning of South Dakota.
“I had a blast sorting through these cattle,” Werning said. “I was really impressed with the quality. This is actually the breed that started a fire in me for this industry. I would see Shorthorns in magazine and thought they were the coolest thing. Some of my first show animals were Shorthorn. I have a long history with this breed.”

The American Shorthorn Association (ASA) has five national shows each year, as well as several regional and super regional shows. Exhibitors can attend these shows to receive points and be awarded National Show Animal honors. Due to COVID-19, the point shows have been adjusted but the ASA plans to resume normal show points in the 2021-2022 show season.

“It is exciting to see our breed continue to grow and as the shows get larger, the quality improves,” said Emily Velisek, ASA Director of Events, Shows and Membership Activities. “Even with the challenges we have faced in 2020 it is nice to see the breed coming together and showing up.”
The next national show for the ASA will be in Louisville, Ky., for the North American International Livestock Exposition. Cattle will be exhibited on November 14, 15 and 16.

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