What are the interns up to?

Kaylee Mclnvale

What have you been doing these first few weeks? The first week I was here, I mainly worked on the online contests. I started the day those entries closed, so I spent about three days organizing all the files and getting those entered. Then I sent those off to the judges to be placed. I will post the top five as soon as I get those in, and we will announce that. Next, I inventoried all the prizes we had received and made lists of when or where we would get the following awards. Next, I have been working on the PowerPoint where all the online contest entries are displayed. This past week I sat and worked on quiz bowl questions, the cattlemen’s written test, and scripts that the board and announcer will use for junior nationals’ week. These scripts, including the judge and queen’s bios, will be announced weekly. Next, I have been working on all the contest folders for the week of junior nationals. I have also ensured we had every state’s flag for opening ceremonies. Finally, I spent one-afternoon reorganizing boxes for the junior nationals’ office as it would be easier to find things, and that way, cords were not completely tangled. This week, I worked on the top five for the judged contests. I also worked on getting showmanship heats done and have been working on completing small tasks that will make the week leading up to and the week of junior nationals much easier to navigate. Outside work, I have been taking summer classes and working on homework and tests. I have had a great few weeks being in Kansas City and have seen some incredible sites and eaten at some great places. The biggest thing I have learned is how to use Apple Desktop. I have been a PC girl for most of my life, so transitioning into Apple was a huge learning curve. I spent most of my first day playing with the computer to try and figure out the different shortcuts and commands that vary between the two systems.

Jana Owen

What have you been doing these first few weeks? I have been working on sending confirmation emails out to junior national competitors. I am a little over halfway through! My goal is to have them all completed by Friday! Working extensively with Digital Beef has taught me how to search, edit, and update animals within our registration system. I have to ensure everything is correct to have successful classes at junior nationals!

Ashley Osborne

What have you been doing these first few weeks? I learned much about working on a website and creating my first magazine these first few weeks! I first started out working on the exhibitor folder and getting my first draft completed. Moving through the past few weeks, I took over all social media posts for Facebook’s Throwback Thursday & Motivational Friday and the Websites intern blog post. In addition, I finished the meal ticket design, and they are ready to print. Last week, I had a lot of fun getting to know and work with Amy on the Shorthorn Country, and I have some big projects coming up soon. This week I will start working on the daily schedule that will be posted every morning of junior nationals letting you know the time and events for that day. As well as working on social media thank you posts to all our amazing sponsors. Outside of work, I have been spending time with my family and enjoying making memories in the barn and by the pool with my nieces.

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