The Shorthorn Bull Pen

Are you caught up on The Shorthorn Bull Pen podcast episodes? You can watch episodes on YouTube by clicking each available episode below or you can find them anywhere you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music).

Episodes are released the Wednesday after the second Insider e-blast of the month. We share them on Facebook or follow us on YouTube/podcast services to be notified of the next available episode!

Ep. 1 – Frank Lucas (R), U.S. Representative, Oklahoma (3rd District)

Ep. 2 – Frank Stoltzfus, NCBA Region 1 Policy VP

Ep. 3 – IGS, Dr. Wade Shaffer and Chip Kemp

Ep. 4 – John Sonderman, ASA President

Ep. 5 – Past AJSA Presidents

Ep. 6. – AJSA Board of Directors (releases Aug. 23)

Ep. 7 – Shelby Diehm, Director of Youth Activities (releases Sept. 20)

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