The Interns Reflect

Elizabeth Crumm

Registration Intern 2024

As the Registrations Intern, my primary responsibilities for the week were coordinating and overseeing the cattle check in process. During the show I recorded the placings and posted results on Facebook. Of course, I helped everywhere I could in between, whether running things back and forth to contest, helping setting awards up for shows, and setting up the ring for the shows. One of my favorite parts of the week was contest check-in, I was able to help with the thank you letter station, I was able to help little kids write them thank you notes and oversee the process. I also loved being able to play softball with some of the kids after work one day, it was a nice break from office work getting to know the kids! The drive there was nothing but laughs, jokes, and getting some naps in. It was a blast being able to travel with the other interns and of course Montie. We all were jamming to 90’s country and just enjoying the views.

Paige Van Dyke 

Youth Activities Intern 2024

The National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference was a week full of memories. As interns we stayed very busy from check-in, contests, the Youth Conference, shows, meeting members and their families, opening and closing ceremonies, and packing. Junior Nationals are my favorite part of the summer, and I was so excited for the opportunity to Sail away with Shorthorn! The family atmosphere was second to none. One of my favorite memories was playing softball with a group of Juniors one evening after a long day.  I look forward to seeing everyone soon and get ready to be Groovy in Grand Island!

Kassidy Schumann 

Communications Intern 2024

Sailing away with Shorthorn was a blast (even for someone who cannot swim)! From the ride out with Montie being stuck in a car with all three interns to the ride back this was a trip I will not soon forget. I stayed busy, toting around my camera for almost the whole week, capturing the memories as they were being made. I also helped anywhere I could between contests or grabbing refreshments. I think some of my favorite memories included the lassie’s teatime and the green crown I was gifted or Paige trying to teach Montie the “right” words to Dixieland delight. I’m looking forward to another road trip with the crew as we gear up for the symposium in Kentucky soon. 

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