ASA National Advertising Campaign

National Advertising Campaign

card-cow-adOhio-Cattlemen-Ad-2015The goal of the ASA national advertising campaign is to promote proficiency in all sectors of the breed – in the both practical beef AND the show ring. Watch for these ads and similar messages throughout publications and websites.

Each ad has a downloadable PDF document with spaces to fill out with your personal and/or state information to be distributed in your area.

The ads below are also available as cooperative advertising for state associations. For more information on co-op advertising, click here.


Co-op Advertising Program

Kansas-Coop-2014ND-SD-2015-Coop-CowThis is a great program that gives state associations the opportunity to save on their own budget and take advantage of the funds of the National Campaign. The ASA would like each state to take advantage of this effort as a way to increase exposure of the Shorthorn breed in the livestock industry and gain state recognition.

Program Guidelines:

  1. A state association is allowed a $650/year budget (fiscal year of July 1 – June 30)
  2. The ASA will pay for 50% of an advertisement placed.
    NOTE: States may run more than one ad; however, the ASA will not pay a state more than a total of $650/year
  3. The ad placed MUST be one of the approved ads shown below. This is to ensure a consistent breed image.
  4. A copy of the ad placed must accompany a copy of the invoice for the advertisement.

How to place an ad:

  1. As a state association, select the publication you would like to run the ad in.
  2. Contact the publication for the rate card (This will give you the size, cost, and deadlines for placing an ad) and reserve the ad space.
  3. Contact the ASA with the following information:
    1. Publication contact information (Phone number and e-mail address)
    2. Ad specs (size, color, deadline for submission, where to send completed ad)
    3. Which ad was selected from the approved ASA ads (see below).
    4. Information to include in the ad (state contact, state events, etc.)
  4. The ASA will submit a sample of the ad to the state association for approval.
  5. Once approved, the ASA will submit the ad to the publication selected.

How to be reimbursed:

  1. Advertising should be billed directly to and paid for by the state association.
  2. The state association then forwards a copy of the bill and the ad placed to the ASA. NOTE: The ad MUST be one of the CURRENT approved ASA ads to be eligible for reimbursement.
  3. The ASA will reimburse 50% of the ad cost to the state association NOTE: The ASA will reimburse each state up to $650/year