Calving Ease Scores

Shorthorn Calving Ease Scores


The American Shorthorn Association collects six calving ease scores with four of the scores directly contributing to Calving Ease Direct (CED) and Calving Ease Maternal (CEM) EPDs.  Calving ease scores should be recorded at birth or shortly after in addition to birth weight.  Calving ease records will allow breeders to identify problem bulls or bulls that excel for calving ease.


Calving Ease Scores

1 – Unassisted or Unoberserved

2 – Easy Pull

3 – Hard Pull, mechanical assistance used

4 – Caesarian section or other surgery

5 – Malpresentation – breech, upside down, head back, etc.

Calving ease score of 5 does not contribute to EPDs

6 – Stillborn – only use this score if the calf is an early term abortion.

Calving ease score of 6 does not contribute to EPDs