Online FAQ

  • What does “Account on Hold,” mean?
    After login and the error account on hold appears, it means your account balance is past due. Please remit payment to the American Shorthorn Association to clear your account’s hold.
  • While trying to register, the error “Breeding Not Found” appeared. What does this mean?
    There are two reasons this will appear. The first is that you have purchased a female that had been bred and the breeding information was not provided or not provided in a complete manner. The second reason is if you own this dam with someone else. Please email the office the CM# of the animal you are trying to register and if it is a result of A.I. If the animal is an A.I. calf, please provide the date of breeding. If the service was natural, please provide the pasture exposed dates.
  • Why is a Natural Sire Signature Required?
    This means you need the signature from the person who directly owns the sire of your calf to be registered. If the current owner has access to their online account, a signature can be issued from there. View ‘My Account’ > Service Signatures > Give Signatures. If they have no access to their online account, please print the natural sire signature form found at Please return the form to the American Shorthorn Association office.
  • Does my registration require an A.I. Certificate?
    If you receive an error that the A.I. Certificate is needed, you will need to purchase an A.I. certificate. Please contact the owner of the bull or the semen company you purchased the semen from. A.I. Certificates are not required for ShorthornPlus calves sired by non-Shorthorn bulls. The option for non-certificate bulls will not take place until the new Digital Beef registry is launched.
  • I received an error that the dam or sire must have a registration number.
    This means the dam or sire are not in our system. The animal must be entered as a Foundation Animal. This may be completed online under My Herd>My Foundation Animals>Click Add if the animal is not registered with another breed association . A copy of registration paper must be sent to the office to create a foundation animal for a registered animal of another breed.
  • Can I transfer an animal online if I did not check the  hold box for print or transfer?
    Unfortunately, after the form is submitted without checking the hold box for print or transfer, members are unable to transfer online. The pedigree will be mailed to the member who will be able to fill out the transfer portion of the paper and return to the ASA office for transfer.   
  • Can I transfer a registration paper to more than one member online?
    Online registrations can only be transferred to one member. If your paper requires transfer to multiple parties, register the animal and wait to receive the registration paper where you can fill out the transfer portion of the paper to return to the ASA office.
  • Can online transfers be returned to the seller?
    Online registrations will be mailed to the new owner.