Non-Certificate Bulls

Click here for non-certificate bulls. It is found on the left hand side of Digital Beef on the link Non-Permit Bulls.

Designating a Bull Non-Certificate

As of July 1, 2015 members have had the option to designate AI Sires as Non-Certificate AI Bulls.  Designating a bull as non-certificate means that an AI certificate will not be required to register the resulting AI calf.  All AI Sires regardless if they are a certificate or non-certificate bull are required to have DNA Markers on file in addition to TH, PHA and DS results.  To designate a bull as non-certificate follow the steps below.

  • Go to your General Profile by clicking on My Account>View
  • Click on the Herd tab and select Breeding Bulls
  • From the list of herd bulls click View for the selected bull. This will bring up the animal detail screen for the bull in a new window.
  • Once in the Animal Detail screen, click on the AI Certs
  • To designate the bull as non-certificate click “Flag This Bull As a Non-Certificate AI Sire”
    1. Designating a bull non-certificate is permanent.