Builder of the Breed

The Builder of the Breed honoree is or has been an active breeder of Shorthorn cattle. This person has true dedication for a lengthy period of time and contributed to the stewardship of the Shorthorn Breed. This award recognizes their efforts in breeding and promoting Shorthorn cattle which have contributed to genetic improvement of the breed. They are also recognized as individuals that have continuously been supporters and promoters for both the Shorthorn breed and the beef cattle industry. Builder of the Breed award winners are recognized for making a lasting impact on our breed.

1. Any active breeder may nominate candidates
2. State Associations may nominate candidates
3. ASA Board of Director may nominate candidates
• Nominations must be turned in with write up for nominee on why they deserve this award.
– There is no official nomination form. You may write up your nomination to be any length and format.
• Nominations must be turned into the ASA by August 1 of each year

Recommendations for Nominees (considerations taken into account):
• Effort must be one of true dedication involving both well-known and ‘behind the scenes’ work that has continued for a lengthy
amount of time and contributed to the stewardship of the Shorthorn Breed.
• Efforts in breeding and promoting Shorthorn cattle would involve genetic improvement of Shorthorn cattle.
• Engaging and developing new breeders of Shorthorn cattle.
• Meaningful involvement in local and state Shorthorn activities in particular, but also beef cattle activities in general

Presentation of Award:
The ASA Board of Directors will make the final selection(s).
Award will be presented at the ASA Annual Meeting. Recipient will also be recognized in the Shorthorn Country.

2023: Ward Bakenhus, Bill Bales & Joe Bales, and Rick Leone & Family

2022: Jeff Bedwell, Cory Bollum and Greg Crawford

2021: Bert Moore and Tom Turner

2020: RC Show Cattle and Roger Hunsley and Ben & Sharon Wilson

2019: Mark W. P. Gordon and Phillip & Linda Bowman

2018: David Greenhorn and Jeff & Jon Byers

2017: Laurence Pathy and John Sullivan

2016: Penny,Caleb, Seth & Courtney Vance, Bill & Jane Hale, Hale Farms; and Scott Horton & Family, Horton Farms

In Memoriam: Hal Longley; Don Longley; and Horace Walker.

Honorary: Charlotte MacLeod.

2015: Kevin & Kari Vander Wal, Vander Wal Shorthorns; Sammy Richardson, Richardson Farms, and L. Martin Haliton Jr., Wind Crest Farm.

2014: Charles and Judy Obrect, O-Dale Farms and Virginia Davis, KV Cattle.

2013: Marty Loving, Loving Farms, Steve & Julie French, Little Cedar Cattle Company and Don Washburn, Iroquoian Shorthorns.

2012: Derek Jungels, Jungels Shorthorn Farm and Edward Meyer, Meyer Farms.

2011: Scott & Janet Leemon & Family, Leemon Stock Farm and Dr. Raymond Ediger, Green Spring Farm.

2010: Steve & Laura McGill, South Starr Farm, Robert ‘Bob’ & Joyce Wilson, Dr. Larry Wilson, Robjoy Shorthorns

2009: Ralph S. Larson, Y Lazy Y Shorthorns and John R. Hagie, Cyclone Trace Cattle Co.

2008: Randy & Nancy Griffis, Carolina Cattle Company and George & Gail McLachlan, Lakeside Farms.

2007: Nick Steinke Family, Steinke Shorthorns and L.E. ‘Les’ Mathers III, MD, Leveldale Farms.

2006: The Jim Williams Family, V8 Shorthorns and Verl Shell, Milestone Cattle Co.

2005: Jim and Beverly Freed, Double J Ranch/Jeepetta Cattle Co. and Dick Hahn, Hahn Family Shorthorns.

2004: Dave McFarland Family, Diamond M Shorthorns and Richard C. McElhaney, McElhaney Stock Farm.

2003: Harold and Kay Good, Good Family Shorthorns, and Donald McMillan & Sons, McMillan Shorthorn Ranch.

2002: The Bertz Family, Meadow Lane Farms and Ronald Gooch, Greenbelt Shorthorns.

2001: Merl Welch, Green Ridge Shorthorns and A. Lorne Edmondson, Bromelee Shorthorns.

2000: Dale Studer Family Shorthorns and Steve Melroe & Family, Melroe Shorthorns.

1999: Dr. George Ahlschwede and Rick and Sandy Osterday, Stangl Shorthorns.

1998: Wayne Temple Sr. & Family and C.F. Martin.

1997: Bill Rasor and Lyle Ewald.

1996: Gene McDonald and North Dakota State University.

1995: William H. Hoskins and James A. Cato.

1994: Don Cagwin and Frank and Mary Kaehler.

1993: Jesse Duckett and Larry Kohlstaedt.

1992: Wayne C. Neely; George W. Slater; Bernie and Norma Bolton; and Mary and J.O. Bass III.

1991: Neil and Mary Davis; Bruce and Sandra Wallace; Arden Preheim; and Joseph O. and Joseph F. “Sam” Erhnthaller.

1990: Robert and Ronald Alden; Phil and Chuck Johnson; Robert and Dorothy Connell; and Duane and Evelyn Greeley.

1989: Gordon Brockmueller; Don Hoyt; Dr. W.L. Munson; and Charles Meisner & Sons.

1988: Hale Charlton and Jim McCollum; Alfred and Darrell Ippensen; Doug Schrag; Bill Smithers; Herbert Symington; and Paul Wharton & Sons.

1987: Dale Rocker; Keith H. Lauer; Gary and Chuck Buchholz; G.M. “Mike” and Linda Kahoa; Hugh, Jr., Tom, and Ron Moore; Steve and Linda Haywood; and William Earl Wilson.

1986: Eddie and Judy Grathwohl; Gladys Dau; Bradley Eisiminger; Gary and Pam Naylor; Jim Scott; Calvin and Steve Hiatt; and Dale Louis Wernicke.

1985: Kadel Urice; Howell F. Eyler; Duane Sicht; Roy D. Dedmon; Darrell and Denny Jordan; Art and Luke Bakenhus; and L. Jack Bedwell.

1984: Wayne Clark; Stanley H. Harper; Odis A. Lowe, Jr.; William McCullough; Dr. and Mrs. George M. Smith; Dick and Wilma Russell; and Damar Farms, Inc.

1983: N. Gerald and Grant C. Alexander; Ralph and Don Pope; James A. McAnear, Jr.; Sherman Berg; Edgar and John Wise; Don Cardey; and Archie and Gary Hansen.

1982: Robert Dahl; Stanley Melroe; Roger Steiger; Orville and Kendrick Berg; Paul Schrag; Mike Dugdale; and Darrel, Dave, and Dean Steck.

1981: Ric and Judy Hoyt; M.R. and Lil Boake; W.N. and Harriett H. Moore; Scott Dau; Steve and Tom Torgerson; Orville A. Stangl; and Max Tribbett Family.

1980: Donald W. Schlegel; Harvey W. Schulhauser; Carvin H. Guy; Gilbert Lee Miller; Ronald B. Hofstrand; Richard D. Yarnell; and Rex, Brian, and Randy Cates.

1979: Thomas Elias McGee; David W. Clark, Jr.; F.A. Heckendorf, Jr.; Duane Rocker; Sandra and Bert Pepper; Virgil Wegener and Steve Washburn; and Otis W. Rothlisberger.

1978: Horace Curtis & Sons; Herbert and Harry Krug; Joseph T. Christen; George and Janice Alden; Lester Love; William and Wayne Hartman; and Russell M. Sloan.

1977: Robert Miller; Robert Raisbeck; Val and Bev Kjernisted; Gary Englehorn; Charles DeBusk; Donald Kaehler; and W.O. “Bill” Jennings.

1976: Earl Fieser; R.W. Parrott; Edgar Philpott; Bill Scott; Don and Pat Stout; Louis M. Womack; and Joe Woods.

1975: Mark L. Graham, Sr.; A.D. Tilley, Jr.; Buck Bardwell; W.J. Boake; Barry Jordan; Lloyd Waters; and Ernest Esau.

1974: Mrs. T.C. Stuart; Mr. and Mrs. Vic Taylor; Dover Sindelar; Wertz Bros.; Robert Hahn; Harvey Fulton; and Bert Kessi.

1973: Dr. L. Eugene Byers; Jerry Taylor; Richard Prentice; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coats; Mrs. Frank J. Haumont; Larry A. Hart; and Lloyd Hatch.

1972: Lyle V. DeWitt; R. Lee Johnson; Rudolph Kaehler; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Allen; George Inness; William Cruickshank; and Wendell Lovely.

1971: James A. Brennen; Mrs. George Garvin Brown; Dick Braman; John Draper; Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Long; Martin Nold; and Milton Nagley.

1970: Truman Kingsley; Bob Gordon; Mrs. W.C. Pitfield; Dewey Lunstra; Mrs. Glenn Miller; Joe Huckfeldt; and Jim and John Humphreys.

1969: Burke N. Allison; Jos. Biglands; Ben G. Studer; Ed Hoyt; Howard Snethen; Charles B. Leemon; and Bill Hoewischer.

1968: A.C. Buehler; Roger Applegate; Orlyn Oswald; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lorenz; Norman D. Hogg; Roy R. Rutledge; and Ed Rocker.

1967: William H. Roda; J.E. Halsey; Albert J. Hamann; Clyde G. Harlow; J.E. Klokkenga; Harry T. Peters, Jr.; and Chris R. Bertz, Jr.

1966: Dwight McCoy; Herman R. Purdy; Carroll Latimer; Cary A. Colburn; Lyle Brooks; Dave Brockmueller; and Lou Laughlin.

1965: Ted L. Aegerter; Max L. Cardey; Paul Potter; E.H. Stoltz; Mrs. Hugh Fenwick; Harry McCabe; and Charles Hix.

1964: Mervin F. Aegerter; R.B. Stimson; Dr. Arthur H. Weiland; True Buckmaster; George DePape; Jack Ragsdale; and Otto Johnson.

1963: Louis Wernicke; Henry Dietz; Charles Ewald; Russell Held; Louis Latimer; George R. Gallatin; and Fred E. Smalstig.

1962: C.D. Swaffar; Otto H. Grosse; Levi Johnson; Cecil Steinmetz; Clarence Worden; George Garvin Brown; and W.P. Hix.

1961: W.H. Boutell; George T. Richardson; L.E. Mathers, Jr.; Sumption Brothers; W.A. Warters; Daniel J. O’Conner, Jr.; and Jacob Walter, Jr.

1960: Robert G. Heine; James G. Tomson; Raymond P. Duer; Miss Betty Royon; Harvey B. Wilson; Ray Clodfelter; and Roland G. Magill.

1959: R.E. Smith; David S. Graham; Gilbert Elken, Jr.; W.C. Jones; Wayne A. Carr; F.E. Jackson; and Byron D. Reser.

1958: W.W. Donaldson; John Alexander, Sr.; Thomas B. Hawkins: Don James; Harry Ackerman; B.W. Cooper; and Miles Wertz.

1957: Alex Cross; S.J. O’Bryan; John F. Shuman; Dr. O.W. House; Phil J. Sauer; W. Henry Dilatush; F.T. Brown; and P.S. Troubadour.

1956: Louis Cadesky; Stanley G. Harris; Robert A. Collier; A.R. (Sandy) Cross; Otto Thiede; James L. Adams; and Fred W. Smalstig.

1955: Allan C. Atlason; Cyrus S. Eaton; Autrey Caraway; W.L. Lyons Brown; Miss Emma Allison; W.W. Rapley; and Walter H. Larson.

1954: John C. Blume; Reford Gardhouse; B. Hollis Hanson; Carl W. Retzlaff; Grant Campbell; Gerald Clodfelter; and E.P. Laughlin.

1953: H.H. Allen; W.N. Anderson; Dewey Carnahan; Harold White; J.R. Kenner; and John Bertz.

1952: Frank Scofield; C.K. Tomson; Carl Greif; J.W. Durno; Harry McCann; and Carl M. Johnson.

1951: S.A. Donahoe; W.A. Cochel; George N. Fisher; Stewart G. Bennett; Russell Blomstrom; and Cleo Hultine.

1950: D.M. Gregg; James Napier; George Struve; Kenneth E. Deacon; J.W. Bennett; and Charles H. Nickel.

1949: Byron Hawks; Luther K. Rice; Fred Lee; Otis A. Carter; Fred Blomstrom; and Harold Thieman.

1948: William Bartholomay, Jr.; Frank W. Harding; E.M. Sims; Dale Bellows; George E. Day; George E. Smith; and Fred A. Johnson.

1947: Josef Winkler; Homer Clausen; R.D. Arnold; C.M. Caraway; W.J. Russell; H.L Straus; and Bert A. Hanson.

1946: Russell Kelce; Fred Hubbell; T.D. Jones; Charles Broughton; Will Dryden; L.W. Thieman; and Charles Lynn.

1945: Thomas E. Wilson; James Tomson; L.E. Mathers, Sr.; Wharton Allen; Wallace Campbell; Albert Hultine; and Paul Teegardin.