2023 ASA Committee Chairs and Members

Shorthorn Genetic Improvement Committee
Combination of Genetic Evaluation, ShorthornPlus and Commercial
Chair, Brett Naylor 417.880.6873 Email
Vice Chair, Matt Bigelow 559.647.2817 Email
Board Liaison, David Greenhorn 937.470.6552 Email
Board Liaison, Rick Osterday 605.281.1175 Email
ASA Staff, Matt Woolfolk 816.599.7777 Email

Shorthorn Promotion and Acceptance Committee
Combination of Promotion and Commercial Acceptance
Chair, Chris Yokeley 336.345.7333 Email
Vice Chair, Jess Ropp 541.226.2870  Email
Board Liaisons, John Russell 832.588.8604 Email         
ASA Staff, Shelby Diehm 816.599.7777 Email
ASA Staff, Montie Soules 918.645.4322 Email

Shorthorn Youth Development Fund Foundation
Seven Board Members with Voting Rights
Past President ASA, 3-year term, Nancy Grathwohl Heter. – expires June 1, 2024
ASA Board of Director, one year term appointed by ASA, Joe Bales – expires June 1, 2022
ASA Executive Secretary/CEO, continuous, Montie Soules
ASA Active Member 3-year term, Member at large, Julie French – expires June 1, 2023
ASA Active Member 3-year term, Member at Large, Jerry Nickel – expires June 1, 2023
Not required to be an ASA Member, 3-year term, Kevin Wendt – expires June 1, 2025
Not required to be an ASA Member 3-year term, Jeff Aegerter – expires June 1, 2024

Shorthorn Junior Advisor’s Committee
Junior Advisors: ASA Board Liaisons
ASA Board Liaisons, Toby Jordan 219.819.4603 Email
Appointed by AJSA Board, Jim & Bev Freed 405.370.1482 Email
Appointed by AJSA Board, Jalane Vaughn 816.465.0341 Email
ASA Staff, Shelby Diehm 816.599.7777 Email
ASA Staff, Montie Soules (918) 645-4322 Email

Shorthorn Senior Show Committee 2022-2024
Chair, Jeff Bedwell 580.822.5590 Email
Vice Chair, John Allen 724.321.3163 Email
Auto Appointed, Cates Farms, Tyler Cates 765.576.0035 Email         
Auto Appointed, Schrag Shorthorns, Cory Schrag 605.941.5241 Email
Auto Appointed, WHR, Bill Rasor 214.850.4690 Email          
Elected, Steve French 989.798.8223 Email
Elected, Josh Greenhorn 937.681.1948 Email
Elected, Rick Leone 719.468.1981 Email  
Elected, Ron Rutan 937.603.1319 Email
Elected, Mitchell Smith 765.606.6224 Email
ASA Staff, Cassie Reid 816.599.7777 Email
ASA Staff, Wade Minihan 816.599.7777  Email
ASA Staff Montie Soules 918.645.4322 Email

Nominating Committee for 2023 Board Candidates
Chair, Mike Bennett 559.359.0781 Email 
Mark Blankinship 405.334.2401
Denny Jordan 217.202.6873 Email
Brett Naylor 417.880.6873
Ben Wilson 606.782.0754

If you are interested in becoming a committee member contact the ASA office. Committees take volunteers as members. The nomination committee members are appointed by the executive committee and the show committee is nominated by exhibitors.