Shorthorn Color

The Guide to Determining the Color of Shorthorn Cattle

Red:Red The animal’s body color is red. There is no white on the legs; however some white would be permissible on the underline in front or back of the navel. If the white ascends beyond the junction of the side(s) of the body and the underline of the body, then the animal is not considered to be red, but red with white marks.





RedWithWhiteMarksIf the animal has white marks on the head, forehead or face, then it is considered to be red with white marks.





Red & White:RedandWhite A red and white animal would be at least 30 percent red or white and the remaining 70 percent the opposite color. This may actually be red on white or white on red and in essence gives a splotching or spotting effect to the red and white coat color. The color present in the lesser amount would be found above the juncture of the side(s) and underline on one or both sides of the body.





Red With White Marks:RedWithWhiteMarks2 This animal would basically have a red body with white marks above the juncture of the underline and side(s) and / or white marks on one or more legs. If white marks are found on the head forehead, or face the animal is considered to be red with white marks.





Roan:Roan A roan animal has an intermingling of red and white hair over the entire body giving it a mixing or roaning effect. Dark roans have more red than white hair in the mixing effect and light roans have more white hair than red hair in the mixing effect. Redneck roans have basically a red neck, head and front end and the remainder of the body is very light roan or shows a preponderance of white hair versus red.



White:White A white animal should be white from head to toe. This animal usually possesses darker (red) hairs around the nostrils, perhaps the eye sockets and especially in the ears, around the tips of the ears and in the bush of the tail.





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