About ASA

ASA Mission Statement

The mission of the American Shorthorn Association is to serve and empower the members, protect the integrity of the herdbook and database; enhance and communicate the value of the Shorthorn breed, and expand the use of Shorthorn genetics in the U.S. beef industry.

ASA Vision

Be recognized as the preferred British breed that creates profitability and embraces innovation in beef cattle production while honoring the rich history and tradition of the Shorthorn family.

ASA Core Values

Diversity: We value diversity of members and breeding programs
Transparency: We value the importance of a transparent database and herdbook
Family: We value programs and activities that encourage and support family-based beef production
Accountability: We believe its important for individuals to take ownership of their actions and decisions.
Honesty and Integrity: We believe that strong relationships are based on personal honesty and integrity
Technology: We value the role technology plays in advancing beef production and the Shorthorn breed.
Heritage/History: We celebrate the rich history of the Shorthorn breed
Customer service: We commit ourselves to treating our members like valued customers

ASA Core Strategies

  1. Increase commercial interest in Shorthorn genetics
  2. Educate, equip and empower our members
  3. Continue to develop and support the junior program
  4. Invest in research and development to enable breed improvement


The ASA records approximately 15,000 animals each year. More than 20,000 head are maintained in the association’s whole herd registry. The current membership is more than 6,000 combined junior and senior members.

Current statistics for the ASA as of Fall 2018

    1. Registrations are up to 14,832, with nearly 7,978 transfers
    2. ShorthornPlus = 23.4% of total
    3. WHR enrollment: 22,000 head
    4. Top 5 states
      1. Iowa
      2. Illinois
      3. Indiana
      4. Ohio
      5. Kansas