DNA Testing

See below information on DNA Testing Options, Available Tests and more. DNA Testing form is available below.

Click here for SAMPLE DNA Genetic Testing Form – below is video instructions on how to use the DigitalBeef Registry to submit your DNA. Please be aware that all animals must be registered OR recorded to be DNA tested. DNA submissions sent to the office versus directly to the lab have an additional fee.

DNA Card Request Form

Click here for DNA sample collection guides and tips on mailing samples.

Click here for instructions on the new DNA Testing Submission Form on DigitalBeef (printable)

Click here for video instructions on the new DNA Testing Submission form on DigitalBeef

DNA Testing Options

Important Information – The DNA Testing Submission Form must be completely filled out when it is sent to the ASA office. Be sure to include tattoo, Reg #, sex, DOB, Sire Reg #, and Dam Reg # on each animal you are submitting for testing. Forms that are incomplete are subject to a processing fee. – A $5/sample fee will be charged to all hair samples. GeneSeek has implemented this fee due to increased processing and a higher percentage of retesting with hair samples. – GeneSeek recommends using tissue samples as their preferred method of genetic testing. Tissue samples are preferred due to their ease of sampling, longer storage life, and quicker turnaround time. Tissue samples are taken using an Allflex applicator tool to remove a sample from the animal’s ear into a small tube for storing the sample. If you are interested in using tissue sampling, contact GeneSeek to order your applicator tool and sample collection units. – If you have any questions regarding DNA testing, please contact the ASA office.

Blood Sample Instructions || Hair Sample Instructions

Available Tests

GGP 100K with TH, PHA, DS: $85 This testing for AI Sire/Donor Dam requirements includes parent verification, a GGP 100K DNA profile, and testing for known genetic conditions (TH, PHA, DS). Selecting animals for this test will allow them to have genomically-enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs).

GGP 100K: $55 This is a low density (100K) testing panel that includes parentage markers. Animals with the 100K profile will also receive genomically-enhanced EPD’s (GE-EPDs). This testing is required for Natural Service Sire on all bulls born 1/1/2022 and after.

100K Add-ons:

Mysostatin + Horn/Poll Add-on Package: $35 This price is only when run in junction with the 100K test.

A2: $29 Milk test which can result in A1/A1, A1/A2, A2/A2 milk. Only available as an add-on to 100K- cannot run test as standalone.

Testing for genetic conditions and stand-alone products can be ordered independently of GGP products. However, animals tested for genetic conditions without a genomic profile will NOT have GE-EPDs available. All genetic condition and parentage tests (both bundle and stand-alone) are automatically loaded into the Digital Beef registry if the test is run through GeneSeek. For more information on Genetic Conditions, click here.

TH, PHA, DS Bundle: $50
Parentage Markers: $35
Tibial Hemimelia (TH): $29
Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca (PHA): $29
Digital Subluxation (DS): $29

Mystatin: $29

Horn/Poll: $29

NEW Bull DNA Test Rule Information