Shorthorn Heritage Award

The Shorthorn Heritage Award recognizes Shorthorn members who have shown exceptional leadership for Shorthorn activities in a state or regional area. These honorees are persons that have shown exceptional passion in all areas of the breed. Award recipients have promoted the breed by taking leadership roles within their respective geographical areas. They are individuals that can be given credit to helping with the long-term success of the breed at any level. They have attended functions, been a mainstay, and have shown their passion and love for the breed and the people in the breed. A Heritage Award winner is a true Shorthorn enthusiast who has positively impacted the breed to the benefit of all Shorthorn breeders.


2018:: Keith Moore

After World War II, Keith’s parents bought and moved to a farm in Decatur, Ohio where his father bought him his first Shorthorn heifer. He then got involved in 4H and showed his first heifer at the Brown County Fair in 1946. In 1996, the Brown County Fair Board presented Keith with an award for competing for his 50th consecutive year.

In 1955 he graduated from high school and that fall he attended the Ohio State University. After his first year of college he was drafted into the US Army and spent 16 months in Korea before being honorably discharged.

Upon completion of his service, Keith started building a Shorthorn herd and showed on the county fair circuit at the Ohio State Fair. He also participated in state and district sales while starting a family, which includes his wife and three children.

In the early 1970’s, the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Association and the Ohio Polled Shorthorn Association merged creating the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Association. Keith became the organization’s secretary and fieldman. He traveled throughout the state representing the association. Over the span of three years, he managed many sales for the OSBA as well as sales in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Keith was hired by Pete Swaffer in 1974 to work shows for the American Shorthorn Association. About this time, the association also started publishing a monthly newsletter called Shorthorn Country. In 1975 the American Shorthorn Association bought the ‘Shorthorn World’ and started publishing the ‘Shorthorn Country’ magazine. Keith began working as a field representative for both the Shorthorn Country and the American Shorthorn Association.

The Kentucky State Fair Board decided to start a national show in 1975, and Keith was assigned to work with the board to help get this new effort started. That new national show is now known as the North American International Livestock Exposition.

In 1981, as Keith’s days as fieldman came to a completion, he returned to the farm where he raised tobacco and managed his Shorthorn herd. He sold animals at some select sales and also participated in state fairs ranging from Ohio, to Kentucky, to West Virginia, as well as the NAILE.

In 1988 the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association started a Beef Exposition and Keith was appointed as the Ohio Shorthorn Association representative to the Expo board where he still serves today. If you speak with him on the subject, you will hear him declare ‘it is the best Expo going!’You will still find him in attendance at many of the Shorthorn state and national events. Whether Keith attends an event with, or without animals, you can bet he will always be promoting the Shorthorn breed!!


2017:: Kenneth Rogers Bridges | Don Hutzel | Rocky Branch Shorthorns