Shorthorn Lassies


The National Shorthorn Lassies serves as the women’s auxiliary of the American Shorthorn Association. Officially organized in 1956, Lassies encourage and extend the influence of Shorthorn Breeding, promote the interest of its membership, stimulate greater activity, and cultivate closer relationships. The Lassies also arrange exhibits at national shows, present awards, publicize the breed provide reception committees, and conduct activities that pertain to the National Queen contest and other promotional activities.

The National Shorthorn Lassies, a women’s auxiliary of the American Shorthorn Association, was officially organized in 1956 at the Chicago International Livestock Show in the Harvest Room of the Stock Yards Inn.
W. Henry Dilatush of Memphis, Tenn., was the “father” of the Lassie movement. As a member of the ASA Board of Directors, he presented a resolution at the 1955 annual meeting of the ASA recommending the formation of a women’s auxiliary. He suggested the name Shorthorn Lassies. Mr. Dilatush persuaded Mrs. Henry Baum of West Lebanon, Ind., to assume the responsibility of the organization. Dilatush gave the Lassies $100 check to help with establish the organization, and through letters, he persuaded others to give financial help as well. Mrs. Baum then served as the first National Shorthorn Lassie President. The 1956 International marked the original appearance of Lassie Queens at Chicago. Twelve young ladies were present. Ann Bullock of Missouri was the first National Lassie Queen that year.
Shorthorn Lassie Queens are repeatedly asked, “Just what is the meaning of what you are wearing?” The answer lies in our breed’s heritage. Since Shorthorn beef cattle originated in the British Isles and many of our valuable beef improvements were made through cattle imported directly from Scotland, the national Scottish costume was selected.
It is interesting to note that the Lassie Queen’s tartan is known as the Royal Stuart. The royal tartan, as adopted by the House of Stuart, is the official tartan for Britain’s Royal Family. There are many common misconceptions about the National Scottish dress.
One should understand:

  • The KILT is officially described as a type of short pleated petticoat worn in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • The TARTAN is the cloth itself. Usually woolen, it is either checkered or cross-barred with narrow bands of various colors. It is also worn in the Scottish Highlands.
  • The PLAID is actually a garment worn like a shawl wrapped around the body and fastened at the left shoulder. It is worn by both sexes in Scotland in place of a cloak.

National Shorthorn Lassie Constitution & By-Laws
National Lassie Handbook
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National Lassie Membership Form
National Lassie Queen Application Form


2017-2018 Lassie Committee Members

President Sommer Smith  
Vice President
Megan Dragstrem
Treasurer Pam Dressen
N4787 515th St.
Ellsworth, WI 54011
Email – 715-497-3608
Secretary Sydney Miller Email
Queen Co-Chair Elaine Dragstrem Email– 765-776-1649
Queen Co-Chair Gwen Crawford 402-616-5556
Publicity Officer
Faye Smith
Board Member Faye Korthaus  


Minutes from Annual Meetings
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2019-2020 Lassie Queen







2019-2020 Lassie Queen: Desirae Logsdon, Ohio

  National Lassie Queen Alternate National Lassie Queen
1956 Ann Hertzler Bullock, Missouri  
1957 Lois Evins Baker, Tennessee  
1958 Joanne Mackey Bell, Missouri Deloris Prevost, Mississippi
1959 Carol McCormack McDonald, Texas Peggy McGuire, Illinois
1960 Diane Burke Holtorf, Colorado Pamela McCone, Iowa
1961 Sue Gray Klein, Kentucky Beverly A. Burke, Oklahoma
1962 Kay Chaney Harris, Illinois Bernadette Skaggs, Western Association
1963 Jeanette C. Brock, Nebraska Jean Turrentine, Tennessee
1964 Florence M. Fredricks, South Dakota Bonnie Sue Baker, Indiana
1965 Amy Jane Sigg Davis, Ohio Linda McCoy, Michigan
1966 Yvonne Houghton Ridder, Missouri Nancy Coufal, Nebraska
1967 Pat Peterson Anderson, Colorado Teresa Gatz, Kansas
1968 Debbie Scott Lehnert, Tennessee Judy Freeman, Oklahoma
1969 Joyce Harness Anderson, Missouri Chris Davis, Illinois
1970 Jacque Elbert Andrew, Iowa Kathleen Kosman, Ohio
1971 Judy Northcutt Schlinker, Texas Karen Lambert, South Dakota
1972 Suzanne Loseka, Nebraska Beth Ungehener, Kansas
1973 Pat Tavener, Ohio Connie Houghton, Missouri
1974 Joni Montover Miller, Missouri Debbie Wright, Texas
1975 Linda Fanconi, California Morjorie Nold, South Dakota
1976 Rozanne Larson Kunstle, South Dakota Spring Bakenhus, Nebraska
1977 Kathy Payne, Illinois Karen Franken, Kansas
1978 Mary McLaughlin, Ohio Kim Nold, South Dakota
1979 Lisa McAnear Shields, Texas Emily Adams, Iowa
1980 Jill Ann Rush, Louisiana Sherry Coats, Missouri
1981 Susan Wise, Illinois Bette Oyen, Wisconsin
1982 Beth Haywood, Iowa Clara McLaughlin, Ohio
1983 Emilie Overman, Texas Julie Garrett, Iowa
1984 Melissa Gentry, Indiana Janell Scritchfield, Kansas
1985 Angie Domer, Iowa Sharon McLaughlin, Ohio
1986 Annette Pridday, Texas Kelli Woods, Indiana
1987 Kristy Rocker, Nebraska Robin Webb, Indiana
1988 Amy Johnson, Iowa Tracy Hunter, Illinois
1989 Jodi Cornell, Indiana Sylvia Knight, Illinois
1990 Cecilia Johnson, Nebraska Amy Inskeep, Indiana
1991 Aliesa Good Woods, Kansas Heather Weicker, Missouri
1992 Tiffany Henry, Illinois Kari Cain, Texas
1993 Anne Jordan, Indiana Holly Hinderliter, Illinois
1994 Krista Mortensen, California Andrea Flack, Iowa
1995 Jennifer Braman, Michigan Dawn Mitchell, Missouri
1996 Becky Grathwohl, Kansas Bethany Lovaas, Minnesota
1997 Angie Benham, Ohio Rachel Kaehler, Minnesota
1998 No Royalty Slected.  
1999 Blayne Spencer, Oklahoma Tiffany Tippin, Indiana
2000 Melody Shields, Texas Krista Biehl, Ohio
2001 Jamie Brown, Oklahoma Bethany Melroe, North Dakota
2002 Trista Bailey, Indiana Amanda Gipe, California
2003 Christina Ippenson, Illinois Ann Ewald, Minnesota2004
2004 Brooke Bennett, California Amanda Dostal, Nebraska
2005 Fran Korthaus, Kentucky Christine Sisung, Michigan
2006 Julie White, Missouri Rachel Johnson, Nebraska
2007 Torie Schwartz, Indiana Katie Mack, Minnesota
2008 Brianna Dressen, Wisconsin Brenda Sisung, Michigan
2009 Stephanie Horton, Illinois Mandy Clark, Pennsylvania
2010 Cynthia Bunch, Ohio Ashley Shearer, Pennsylvania
2011 Jennifer Cox, Indiana Randene Davis, Minnesota
2012 Jessica McCall, Kentucky Megan Dragstrem, Indiana
2013 Victoria Osburn, Texas Sydney Miller, Michigan
2014 Darci Cash, Oklahoma Alysa Hofstatter, Illinois
2015 Macy Bakenhus, Nebraska Riley Francis, Minnesota
2016 Tejlor Strope, Nebraska Shelby Armstrong, Texas
2017 Callie Prochaska, Oklahoma Hannah Olsen, Wisconsin
2018 Emily Fry, Indiana Faye Smith, Kansas
2019 Desirae Logsdon, Ohio