Registry FAQs

Tutorials (video instructions):

Recording Commercial Cattle
Bred Female Information on Transfer
How to Print a Certificate
How to Get Back to Your Saved Work (Kickouts)
Search the Breed
Legacy Tab  (animals no longer in your active herd)
Registering Unregistered Animals
Calendar Calculator
Recording Weaning & Yearling Weights
WHR Assessments
New DNA Submission Form (DigitalBeef)

Printable Instructions:


  • Are there two different websites for the ASA?
    Yes and no. Our official site is whereas is where you will actually log in to your account to do any online registrations/transfers/inventories/etc. (only members can log in, but non-members can search animals and people) This is where the “Click Here to Login” link takes you.
  • Why does it say “sex of calf not identified” when I’m registering?
    Before you start entering info for registering, you’ll notice that it already says “sex of calf not identified”. This is just the automated setting. Once you enter all your information on the calf, click “validate”, and it will show you any information that is actually missing.
  • I’ve been entering registration information and now all my work disappeared. Where did it go?
    With our website, the “validate” button is very important. Not only will it tell you if you’re missing any information, it is also like the “save” button. So, if you are entering more than one animal at a time, click “validate” after every entry to save your work. Likewise, if you find that once you start entering registration information, you are missing some data, clicking “validate” will save your work so you can come back and finish it at a later time.
  • Where do I go to find the work that I have saved?
    On the left hand side of the screen where all the red and green tabs are, there is a tab called “work queues”. Click that, go to birth recording, and choose your work from the work orders listed.
  • I’ve clicked “validate” and now I see “ungroup the animals in this queue by contemporaries” What should I do?
    This has nothing to do with the information you entered on the calf. Go ahead and click “commit to registry”, pending there are no other errors.
  • After clicking “validate” I see an error that says “No AI Cert on sire”. How do I go about getting one?
    To obtain an AI certificate, you will either need to contact the owner of the bull, or go through a semen distributer. Once those are paid for and in your account, the registration can be completed.
  • When I try to transfer animals, why are there 3 empty lines?
    In our association, you can have up to three owners on one animal. Therefore, if you are transferring to one new owner, you will only be concerned with the top line.
  • If I am transferring my animal to someone who is not a member, what do I need to do?
    Once you have chosen your animal that is to be transferred, click the box to the right of the blank rectangle. Then you will type in the zip code of the new owner. A list will pop up of all of the people in our system who live in that zip code. If you don’t find your new owner there, scroll to the bottom of the list, click the button that says “Click to Create New Profile” and enter in as much information on them as you know. All that is necessary is their name and address, but more information is preferable for future needed contact. After you enter this information, click “Run Standardization”. If the system can find the address, it will pop up in green, and you’ll click “choose this one”, then “save profile”. If it does not recognize the address, it will pop up in red. This could simply be because it is a rural residence or po box. Double check that you have the correct address, and click “Save Profile”. Now, you’ll click that little box to the right of the rectangle again, enter in the zip code, and you should find that new member profile in the list. After selecting them and changing the transfer date if needed, click “Validate”. Then “continue”.
  • Can I pay my balance online?
    Yes! If you are a member, you can pay on your account. Once logged in, under the “my account” tab, click “view”. Once your general profile page loads, you’ll see that the tab called “herd” is highlighted in green. To the left of this tab, you’ll see one called “account”. This is where you will go to enter in credit card information.
  • Where do I find the animals that I recorded but did not register and now want to register?
    When you go to your general profile page (by clicking “view” under “my account”) you will notice that “herd” is highlighted in green in the middle of the screen. Underneath that tab, a little to the right, you’ll see a tab called “unregistered”. Click this and you will find all of the recorded, but unregistered animals.
  • I have registered an animal but can’t seem to print its certificate, why?
    The only reason you won’t be able to print a certificate is if there are pending payments on your account. So make sure those are paid up, and you’ll be fine.

    • TO PRINT: Go to your animals detail screen (either by searching for your animal by registration number or by looking them up in your herd and pushing “view”). Once here, you will see the animals information on the left, including its name, reg number, tattoo, etc. Underneath that you will see a “view certificate”-click this. It takes a few minutes to load, so be patient. Once it loads, roll your cursor over the certificate. You should see in its right hand corner a “print” icon. Click it. Make sure you print in color, double sided, and fit to page- to ensure the colored border.