At the end of February, the American Shorthorn Association board of directors met in Kansas City for a strategic planning session led by Kevin Oschner. During the session, the board revised the ASA mission statement, vision, core values and core strategies.

The new mission statement is “the mission of the American Shorthorn Association is to serve all members and enhance the value of the Shorthorn breed by managing data, maintaining the integrity of the herdbook, educating members and communicating the value of Shorthorn cattle resulting in the expanded use of Shorthorn genetics in the U.S. beef industry.”

The new ASA vision is to be recognized in the industry as a viable British breed that creates profitability in beef cattle production, with a family-friendly environment.

The new ASA core values are diversity: we value diversity of members and breeding programs, transparency: we value the importance of a transparent database and herdbook, family: we value programs and activities that encourage and support family-based beef production, accountability: we believe its important for individuals to take ownership of their actions and decisions, honesty and integrity: we believe that strong relationships are based on personal honesty and integrity, technology: we value the role technology plays in advancing beef production and the Shorthorn breed, heritage/history: we celebrate the rich history of the Shorthorn breed, and customer service: we commit ourselves to treating our members like valued customers.

The new ASA core strategies are to increase commercial interest in Shorthorn genetics, educate, equip & empower our members, continue to develop & support the junior program, and invest in research & development to enable breed improvement.

“This strategic planning session was truly valuable in updating our association to fit how we have grown and will continue to grow as a breed including prioritizing the importance of the Shorthorn breed in the commercial cattle industry,” said Montie D. Soules, executive secretary/CEO of ASA. “The board spent two days planning to make sure we were including all current and future members of the ASA so that we can serve them to the best of our ability.”

Looking For A Promotional Opportunity? NJSS is the place!

Are you looking for a promotional opportunity? If so, send us your promotional items (pens, coozies, etc.) and we will include them in the Swag Bags that are handed out to juniors at the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference. We will need at least 330 items.

Don’t have any promotional items but still want to help out the youth? No problem! We are taking donations of $100-300, where we will create an item that will a give you the opportunity to have your logo and information on an item in the Swag Bags.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved with these opportunities contact:

Gwen Crawford
Director of Junior Activities,, 816.599.7777
Shelby Rogers
Director of Marketing & Communications,, 816.599.7777